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Financiamento Externo

Financing System CT-INFRA Pro-equipamentos

Financing System: Keep informed about Research Financing Publications


The Financing System is a web search system that provides researchers, professors, managers and entrepreneurs with information on funding sources for Research, Development and Innovation (R,D&I) projects. ). Its objective is to bring its users closer to these sources of resources for their projects, generating time savings and knowledge of new opportunities.

HOW TO ACCESS? Access to the System is through subscriptions. To register UFOP professors, it is necessary to send the request to informing the full name and e-mail address. More information about subscriptions can be obtained from the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at UFOP, at (31) 3559-1367.

The FINANCIAR System is a pioneer at the national level for providing national and international sources of funding in all areas of knowledge: Agricultural Sciences; Biological Sciences; Health Sciences; Exact and Earth Sciences; Human Sciences; Social and Applied Sciences; Engineering; Linguistics; Letters and Arts; Management; Social development; Environment. The sources bring information that include public institutions, private companies, and non-governmental organizations in scientific and technological projects, of social and environmental nature. The pioneering spirit is also evidenced by the interactivity of the System with its users. When defining their profile of activity, users start to receive, in a selective and automatic way, information on their areas of interest whenever new financing opportunities are registered in the System's information base. The information is periodically reviewed.





CT-Infra was created to enable the modernization and expansion of infrastructure and support services for research developed in public institutions of higher education and Brazilian research, through the creation and renovation of laboratories and purchase of equipment, for example, among other actions.

Law No. 10,197 establishes that when using resources from the Infrastructure Fund, there is no need for a link between the financed projects and the sector where the resources originate. This fact gives ample freedom for the organization of the CT-INFRA action plan, in the sense of seeking a strategy that meets the needs of implantation, recovery and modernization of the research infrastructure of public institutions of higher education and research in the country. as a whole, but that is guided by the identification of strategic focuses in S&T for the application of resources, also allowing to support priority projects in important sectors of the national economy not covered by existing funds.

CT-Infra resources have played an important role in the promotion and consolidation of research at UFOP. To participate in the CT-Infra, the researcher and his/her group must meet the criteria of the CT-Infra and PROPPI Public Notice. If you are interested in participating in the notices, pay attention to the calls, which reflect the following procedure:



Past Notices of CT-Infra:


Applicable Legislation

Decree No. 3,807, of April 26, 2001

Law No. 10,197, of February 14, 2001, which adds provisions to Decree-Law No. 719, of July 31, 1969

Law No. 10,197, of February 14, 2001

Normative Instruction CDFNDCT /MCT No. 1, of 06/25/2010 (IN CDFNDCT 10/01)




Pró-equipamentos is a Capes that aims to support proposals that aim to meet the need for equipment aimed at improving the scientific and technological research structure of Graduate Programs, in all areas of knowledge, in Public Institutions of Higher Education. According to Capes, financeable items are “equipment intended for shared use in the scientific and technological research structure of postgraduate programs, and the requested equipment must be closely linked to the objectives and lines of research of the Postgraduate programs”. Graduation of the institution”.

Priority will be given to investments in equipment for shared use in the development of research at the proposing institution and at partner institutions.

The list of equipment acquired by the Federal University of Ouro Preto through the CAPES Pró-Equipamentos Notices is available in the files below, by year: