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Frequently Asked Questions

This section gathers the most recurrent questions regarding Research and Scientific Initiation. Click on the subject to access the questions and answers.



Q: I am a UFOP student, can I submit a Scientific Initiation project?

R: No, only professors and researchers linked to UFOP can submit scientific initiation projects.


Q: How do I participate in a Scientific Initiation project?

R: To participate in a Scientific Initiation project, you must contact the researcher (teachers and technicians) directly who has a scientific initiation project(s) and is interested in guiding.


Q: What are the requirements (and obligations) for a student to participate in a Scientific Initiation project?

R: The requirements (and duties) for the student to participate in a Scientific Initiation project are established in the regulations of UFOP Scientific Initiation programs (Resolution CEPE 7.795/2019).


Q: When can a student participate in a Scientific Initiation program?

R: According to the regulations of UFOP's Scientific Initiation programs (Resolution CEPE 7.795/2019), regularly enrolled students who have a general or semester coefficient greater than or equal to 6.0 (six) can participate in a scientific initiation program. do not exceed a weekly workload of 54 hours of academic activities (undergraduate classes, scientific initiation, monitoring, extension, PET, among others). The scholarship student cannot have an employment relationship; paid internship or receive a scholarship from other programs financed by the institution itself or by External Agencies (except: assistance or merit scholarships)


Q: When will new scientific initiation notices be published?

R: The forecast of public notices can be found in our calendar, on the page Dates on the calendar are subject to change.


Q: Where are the Scientific Initiation notices published?

R: Scientific Initiation notices are published in Current Notices, on the page Dates on the calendar are subject to change.


Q: What are the values ​​of Scientific Initiation scholarships?

R: Depending on the Scientific Initiation program, the values ​​of the scholarships may vary. CNPq programs (PIBIC, PIBIC-AF and PIBITI) and FAPEMIG (PROBIC) the scholarship is worth R$ 400.00. UFOP programs (PIP-1S and PIP-2S) the scholarship amount is R$ 300.00. Gorceix Foundation programs (PROMIN and PROMET) have scholarships worth R$ 550.00. Scholarships for high school students (BIC-Jr) The scholarships have a value of R$ 100.00.


Q: I want to volunteer in a Scientific Initiation project. How to proceed?

R: As well as scholarship recipients, volunteers can only be included in scientific initiation projects based on public notices, where projects will be evaluated with the same rigor as those applying for scholarships. There is no possibility of registering a voluntary scientific initiation project outside a public notice of the Institutional Program of Scientific Initiation Volunteers (PIVIC).


Q: I have a scientific initiation scholarship and I was invited to participate in another project. Can I participate?

R: Scientific Initiation is of an exclusive nature, therefore, Scientific Initiation scholarship holders cannot participate in parallel (and simultaneously) in any other scientific initiation project.


Q: Can I be a fellow/volunteer if I am in the last term of the course?

R: Only if you have already been a Scientific Initiation Scholar/volunteer at UFOP in a previous period.



Q: What is the term of commitment?

A: The term of commitment is the scholarship holder's contract. It contains all the rights and duties of the fellow, as well as all the data regarding the Scientific Initiation program and the project in which you participate.


Q: Where do I print my commitment statement?

R: The term of commitment is available for scholarship holders and Scientific Initiation volunteers in the Minha UFOP System, link Consult Bolsa Aluno


Q: Who must sign the pledge?

A: The term of commitment must be signed by the grantee and the advisor.


Q: When should I deliver my term of commitment?

R: Scholars who started the project at the beginning of the term must deliver the terms at the PROPPI meeting with the new scholarship holders, which will preferably take place in the first fortnight of the scholarship period. Substitute scholars must deliver the signed term to PROPPI. In the absence of the PROPPI meeting, the term of commitment must be sent through an electronic form (Google form) when requested by PROPPI.



Q: When should I submit my partial report?

A: The partial report must be sent by the last day of the sixth month of the scholarship.

Q: When should I submit my final report?

A: The final report must be sent by the last day of the scholarship period.


Q: How do I submit my reports?

R: Reports must be sent through the Scientific Initiation Project Submission and Monitoring System, which is part of the Minha UFOP System. Only project supervisors have access to this system.


Q: Where can I find the templates and standards for reporting?

R: The partial report model and the rules for preparing the final report can be found at the link, in the Forms, Rules and Regulations for Scientific Initiation section, as well as in the Project Submission and Monitoring System of Scientific Initiation.


Q: What happens if I don't turn in a report or deliver it late?

A: Advisors and fellows who are in debt with any report will be prevented from participating in new Scientific Initiation projects until delivery is made. Reports delivered after the deadline may generate a penalty in the evaluation grade of future Scientific Initiation projects



Q: How do I replace a fellow or cancel the project?

R: Substitutions and cancellations must be performed in the Scientific Initiation Project Submission and Monitoring System by the project supervisor. Replacements can be requested up to the tenth of the month, while cancellations can be requested at any time. Each public notice provides a deadline for the start and end of the replacements during the term of the project.


Q: I was replaced on the project. Should I deliver any reports?

A: It will not be necessary to deliver a final activity report.


Q: I had my project cancelled. Should I deliver any reports?

A: Yes, a final activity report must be delivered within 20 days of cancellation



Q: How do I request a certificate for a Scientific Initiation project?

A: To request the student's Scientific Initiation declaration, access and choose the  Request for Scientific Initiation Declarations - Student and follow the instructions. The certificates will be sent by e-mail, with digital signature, within two business days.

To request Scientific Initiation or co-orientation statements from the professor, access and choose the  Request for Scientific Initiation Statements - Advisor or Co-Advisor. For UFOP professors, certificates for registered projects (from 2014 onwards) can be obtained directly from the Scientific Initiation Project Submission and Monitoring System, in the Certificates option.

Q: I need my certificate with a digital signature, how do I proceed?

A: To receive the digitally signed certificate, you must request the certificate and select the digital signature option. Certificates will be sent by email.



Q: I was selected as a fellow in a CNPq program. What do I need to arrange to implement the CNPq grant?

R: CNPq scholarship holders must have a CV registered on the Lattes Platform ( and updated at the time the scholarship is nominated. The e-mail informed on the Lattes Platform cannot be from the Hotmail server. The CNPq scholarship holder must also have an individual checking account at Banco do Brasil.


Q: How do I inform my data to CNPq.

A: At the time of the nomination, a term of acceptance of the scholarship will be sent to the email registered on the Lattes Platform, where the necessary payment data must be informed. If the term is not signed by the 15th of the month in which the scholarship begins, the payment for the month will not be made and there will be no possibility of retroactive payment.


Q: I was nominated for a Scientific Initiation grant from CNPq, but I did not receive the acceptance term. How to proceed?

A: First check your SPAM folder. If it is not in this box, please contact PROPPI at the email


Q: What are the general and specific rules for scientific initiation grants from CNPq?

R: The general and specific rules for the modalities of CNPq scientific initiation grants are governed by CNPq's Normative Resolution RN-017/2006 .