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Diplomas, Certificates and Recognitions



Diplomas and Certificates


Requests for the issuance of postgraduate diplomas must be made through from the MinhaUFOP Portal.


Recognition of Master's and Doctoral Degrees Issued Abroad




Requests for recognition of diplomas addressed to the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP) are carried out through the Carolina Bori Portal and MUST follow all the steps described below with regard to sending documents:

 1. Opening the request, through the Carolina Platform Bori, with digital submission of all documents required in Normative Ordinance No. 22/2016 of the MEC and in the UFOP CEPE Resolution. We emphasize that the mandatory document to be presented, expressed in item IV, Art. 27, of Normative Ordinance No. 22/2016, in the case of a course whose format is without disciplines, it must also comply with § 3 of the same Art. 27. This document from the foreign institution must expressly inform the non-disciplined format of the course taken by the applicant.

All documents sent digitally must be originals, as well as our application, which will only be accepted in the original version and signed by the applicant, and must contain the indication of the UFOP Graduate Program to which the request for recognition must be forwarded.

 2. After receiving the request for recognition, through the Carolina Bori Platform, accompanied by the respective instruction documentation, UFOP will, within 30 (thirty) days, carry out a preliminary examination of the request and issue a remedial order on the adequacy of the documentation required or the need for complementation, as well as the existence of a course of the same or equivalent level, and availability of the capacity to attend the Graduate Program indicated by the applicant.

After verifying the adequacy of the documentation and the existence of a compatible course, UFOP will guide the issuance of the Union Collection Form - GRU for payment of the fee levied on the request, whose value is specified in the Ordinance available on this page.

If it is necessary to present additional documentation, the applicant will have, for this purpose, a period of up to 60 calendar days, after receiving the communication, through the Platform.


The diplomas issued by foreign institutions must correspond to the titles conferred, in the same area of ​​knowledge and at an equivalent level, to the Postgraduate courses offered by UFOP.

The applicant must access the pages of UFOP's master's and doctoral courses to evaluate their lines of research, objectives, curricular proposals, in order to establish the correspondence between their course to be recognized and the respective Graduate Program of UFOP

Master's and Doctor's degrees obtained in the Distance Education modality will only be accepted for recognition in areas where UFOP has a course at the same level and modality.

 3. Payment of the submission fee: The original proof of payment of the fee (proof of appointment will not be accepted) of R$ 1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred reais) must accompany the other documents so that the request can be processed.

Remembering that the submission fee should only be collected after the approval of the documents by UFOP.

Instructions for issuing the GRU – Union Collection Guide and payment of the fee: