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General Rules Accountability PROAP Assistance PROPPI Assistance



Updated on 11/30/2021, at 5:33 pm

Students of stricto sensu graduate courses and scholarship holders of the National Postdoctoral Program (PNPD/CAPES) can apply for financial assistance to carry out field research in the country and to participate in scientific events. There is no granting of resources for field research or data collection to professional master's students, only for participation in events with paper presentation (VIA PROPPI modality).




Student financial aid resources can finance expenses with food, accommodation, urban transportation/locomotion and registration fee.

The application form must be signed with Digital Certification by the student and the coordinator. If you don't already have one, create yours by clicking here. Sign the form and send it to your PPG secretary as far in advance as possible, so that it is also signed by the coordinator in a timely manner. 

Acknowledgments to CAPES and UFOP are mandatory in the abstract of the submitted work. When it is not possible to appear in the abstract, the submission must be made with the complete article. In compliance with Ordinance No. 206/2018 , acknowledgments must be made in the following format, in the language of the work: "This work was carried out with the support of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel - Brazil (CAPES) - Code of Financing 001."

Acknowledgments to FAPEMIG are mandatory for FAPEMIG scholarship holders.

The advisor's letter must be submitted in the same file as the form and must contain information about the event, indicating its scope (local, state, national or international).

are two types of granting: via PROAP (Capes Graduate Support Program) and via PROPPI (Dean for Research, Graduate Studies and Innovation).


Check the rules of each aid modality, read the accountability rules and stay tuned for deadlines.


Useful links:

Personal digital certificate;

PROAP Manual;

Ordinance No. 206/2018;

CAPES Ordinance 156/2014;

Federal public service daily table;

PROPPI Ordinance No. 22/2018;

Activity report template;




(Applies to both modalities)


After the event, the student must send the postgraduate course secretariatunder penalty of returning the funds received

documents to , : in PDF:

- Certificate of presentation of the work;

- Activity report (in the template available at this link);

- Proof of expenses (all receipts that together add up to the amount received). The vouchers must be in the name/CPF of the beneficiary of the aid. Each file cannot exceed 8M. If necessary, distribute some of the receipts to the Activity Report file.


- Receipts must contain the company's name, address and CNPJ, as well as a description of the products consumed. 



- Displacements made in your own car or ride, present information on the distance traveled with the calculation of Km/L, the supply invoice and toll receipts, if any; 

- In the case of air transport, the applicant must take the lowest value of three quotes from different airlines, in economy class, these quotes being attached to the rendering of accounts (Note: the dates of the price survey will be verified, and must be earlier to the purchase of tickets);

- To pay the registration fee, the applicant must submit a receipt containing the issuer's CNPJ/CPF;

- In case of shared expenses proven in a single note, inform the amount that belongs only to the beneficiary;

- If the student does not participate in the event for which he requested financial assistance, he is responsible for submitting the justification for the non-attendance or withdrawal along with the Accounts Rendering Report, and must return the resource received through the Union Collection Guide ( GRU);

- The proof of accountability must total or exceed the amount granted;

- Unused or unproven resources as described here must be returned via GRU.

- The documents presented in the rendering of accounts CANNOT BE SCRATCHED (invoices and receipts) OR ERASED (tax coupons and boarding passes). If it is not possible to read the document, it will not be accepted. 

- The original vouchers must be kept by the applicant for at least five years, and made available in case of eventual audits;




Access the link and fill in the fields with the following data:

1. Favored unit: code: 154046

2. Management: 15263

3. Unit name: Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (appears automatically when the unit code is filled in)

4. Withdrawal code: 68888-6 - Annul. Expenditure in Exercise

5. Reference number: Resources granted in 2021, inform code 23109000402202053 (when the resource source is UFOP) or code 23109.001280202101 (when the resource source is CAPES/PROAP)

(To find out which source of resource was used, consult Proppi)

6. Competency: month and year (mm/yy) in which the aid was received (no slash is required)

7. Maturity: (dd/mm/yyyy) (it is not necessary to enter the slashes)

8. Taxpayer: enter your CPF or CNPJ

9. Taxpayer's name: enter your full name, without abbreviations

10. Principal amount: Amount to be paid (it is not necessary to enter a comma)

11. Total amount: (it is not necessary type a comma)

12. After filling in the fields, choose the option "issue GRU" and print the form to be paid at Banco do Brasil.




The VIA PROAP aid (Postgraduate Support Program) is regulated by CAPES Ordinance 156/2014 and is provided by the Postgraduate Program to which the student is linked. It serves academic master's and doctoral students as well as scholarship holders of the National Postdoctoral Program (PNPD/CAPES). Within the scope of each PPG, the rules for the distribution of the amount that will be allocated to this item are decided. The PNPD bench fee resources may be used under this heading exclusively by the quota grantee (and at his/her discretion) and follow the same rules established herein. 


The resources granted via PROAP may be used in the following situations:

- participation in scientific-academic events (with or without paper presentation);

- field visits or activities related to data collection for project development;

- participation in courses and training in laboratory techniques and use of equipment;

- participation in exchange activities and partnerships between PPGs and formally associated institutions;

- participation of students in courses or disciplines in another PPG, as long as they are related to their dissertations or theses.


IMPORTANT: The amount of the financial aid for the cost of lodging, food and urban transportation expenses cannot exceed the equivalent amount in daily rates established for a higher-level position, according to parameters established in the Federal Public Service tables. Click here to consult the table.


To request assistance via PROAP, the student must contact the secretary of the Graduate Program to which he is linked to check the internal rules and deadlines for the request. It is suggested that the information is sought reasonably in advance of the date of the event, since the aid cannot be paid after the event has started.

To request financial assistance to carry out data collection/field visit, a letter from the advisor with the justification for carrying out the activity must be attached to the form. 


Before requesting assistance, carefully read the guidelines on accountability. 


Related documents:

PROAP Manual 

CAPES Ordinance 156/2014

Request Form - VIA PROAP



Click here to access. (published on 05/19/2022, at 4:14 pm)




The objective of the Event Assistance program is to support STUDENTS regularly enrolled in UFOP's stricto sensu Graduate Programs (academics and professionals), with the granting of financial to present works at scientific events.

The support can be used to cover expenses with registration fee, food, accommodation and transport.

The rule that regulates the aid is the Proppi Ordinance 022, published on November 23, 2018.

As provided for in the Ordinance, in cases where the acceptance has not been issued by the end of the period provided for in the schedule of protocols in PROPPI, the request can be filed with proof of article submission. However, payment will only be made upon presentation of acceptance of the work, which must be sent to the e-mail

Read the Ordinance carefully. After reading, if you still have questions, contact us by e-mail:

The rendering of accounts is accounting and must be done in accordance with the Proppi Ordinance 022/2018 and according to the guidelines contained here.

The evaluation result will be published on this page, according to the following calendar.




Events that will start between
Period for protocol at Proppi Scheduled
date for publication of results

January 15th and February 29th,

October 16th to December 13th (5th entry)

December 20th

March 01st and April 30th

from December 14th to December 12th February (1st entry)

February 21st

May 01st and July 31st from

February 13th to April 14th (2nd entry)

April 23rd

August 01st and October 31st from

April 15th to July 3rd (3rd entry)

10 from July

1st of November to 14th of January

from 4th of July to 15th of October (4th entry)

22nd of October



PROPPI Ordinance No. 22/2018.

Form for financial aid for students to participate in events


(Access using your institutional email. If you don't know what it is, check your My UFOP portal: login, click on the envelope in the upper right corner of the screen.)



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